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The Collapse of The Muni-Bond Market

How to Collect Hundreds of Dollars a Month in “Unclaimed”Dividends (A $49 Value)

Inside you'll discover:

  • A step-by-step guide to collecting $472 to $948 a month in "unclaimed" dividends.
  • A tell-all list of Washington insiders who've been exploiting this unusual income source for years... plus how you can mimic their moves through a standard brokerage account.
  • Three hidden dangers that have turned conventional income investments, like bank CDs, Dividend Reinvestment Plans and junk bonds into "income death traps"-and how you can safely avoid them.
  • How to line up 10 "unclaimed" dividend payments... in the next 60 days.
Escape From Amerika

Escape From Amerika -- a two-part guide for surviving America's ever-growing government and its tidal wave of debt (A $49 Value)

In this report, you'll find easy-to-implement techniques, strategies and tips for safeguarding your wealth and your liberties -- now, and for decades to come. You'll learn two distinct strategies that will get you on your way to a more solvent -- and sovereign -- future.

Escape From the Dollar

Escape From The Dollar (A $49 Value)

Protect your wealth and profit -- despite the evaporating purchasing power of the U.S. dollar. In this special report, you'll learn simple, yet highly effective ways, to make your money work for you. Preserve and build your wealth despite Uncle Sam's continuous efforts to shred the dollar into confetti.

Five Big Shorts

Currencies to Secure Your Retirement: Simple, Safe and FDIC-Insured Deposits You Can Add to Your IRA (A $49 Value)

In this special investment alert we'll introduce you to a number of our favorite emerging market currencies - virtually indestructible - that have staked their claim to succeed the Dollar as powerful (and profitable) stores of wealth. Inside, you'll hear about:

  • How to Double Your Money... In 4 Years or Less... With a Foreign Currency CD From An FDIC-Insured Institution (Note: This is NOT available at Bank of America, Citibank, Wells Fargo)
  • How to Piggy-Back Your Safe-Money on the World's Largest Producer of Gold... and a major supplier of ores, minerals and energy to China.
  • The Tiny Island Nation That's Flush With Cash... and a Currency That's Leaping in Value,, Thanks to its Stranglehold on Agricultural Commodities
The 4 Best Asset Havens in the World

Fab Four -- The 4 Best Asset Havens in the World (A $49 Value)

Are you ready to (legally) stash your assets offshore? Identify the asset haven that's best suited to your needs by using these five criteria:

  • Government/political stability: Is the jurisdiction politically stable?
  • Favorable laws, judicial system: Does its legal and judicial system have a reputation for "fair play" with regard to foreign investors?
  • Available legal entities: Does the jurisdiction have a large enough variety of legal entities to satisfy the average person seeking an estate planning solution?
  • Financial privacy/banking secrecy: Are there financial secrecy laws in place?
  • Taxes: Does the haven impose taxes on foreign investors?
The Dirt Digger

How to Buy Scratch & Dent Silver... at a 25.3% Discount (A $49 Value)

Inside, you'll discover:

  • The single most "overlooked" place you can buy up silver and save hundreds of dollars.
  • How to avoid the common mistake most investors (and nearly all brokers) make- that can end up costing thousands of wasted dollars - not to mention weeks of regret.
  • Foolproof storage secrets: How the world's wealthiest families, effortlessly protect their bullion from snoops, thieves and run-amok bankers.
  • The THREE little words that can make the U.S. government "pay" for 15%... 25%... even 30% of every silver purchase you make.
The Worlds Biggest Builders

How to Profit from the Death of Cash (A $49 Value)

Inside, you'll discover:

  1. Why the U.S. Government has declared war on cash.
  2. How this the looming "switch" into digital currency will change the way you trade stocks, shop for groceries, fill up your gas tank - and ultimately make a handful of investors incredibly rich.
Plus the #1 action you must take NOW to protect your privacy and shore up your retirement savings - before the government stops printing paper money.

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Currencies to Secure Your Retirement: Simple, Safe and FDIC-Insured Deposits You Can Add to Your IRA $49.00 Value
The 4 Best Asset Havens in the World $49.00 Value
How to Buy Scratch & Dent Silver... at a 25.3% Discount $49.00 Value
How to Profit from the Death of Cash $49.00 Value
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